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Services for Construction Sites

Along with our affiliate, a Bierman family-owned company – Innovative Crushing & Aggregate, Inc. – MBE, Inc. has been recycling concrete, asphalt, shingles and steel since 1995. Concrete and asphalt from various job sites can be processed, crushed and screened into many different sizes to make usable products like the #57 and #11 aggregate commonly used for pipework. Also available are #2, P2 and DGA, which are often used for parking lots, structural fills or other projects where quarry stone is used. Steel removed from concrete processing is then hauled to a local scrap yard for recycling.

We are also skilled at processing shingle roofing into a usable product for asphalt plants to use in place of liquid asphalt. Fast Track Trucking, another Bierman family-owned business, supplies dumpsters for ICA and MBE to help the movement of materials to and from three of the major recycling facilities in Clarksville, IN, Louisville, KY and Georgetown, KY.